I was en-trained and have been practicing since 2011, so I am an experienced Reconnective Healing Practitioner for Level I/II (Reconnective Healing) and Level III (The Reconnection).

A QUICK, ALL IMPORTANT UPDATE (June 2014): I am grateful for the introduction into the field of energy healing introduced by RH, but I am even more humbled to have progressed on to working with the Christ Consciousness. The Light, Love and Wisdom felt during a session communicates & merges with Your Light within and you know, instinctively, that you have experienced Grace.

To continue 🙂 … I’ve always had this sense that “there must be more to life”, than what many seem to accept as the norm. So I’ve made it my business to attend seminars and immerse myself in books that explores the mysteries of this world, whether it be self help books, books on spiritual matters, books that address metaphysical concepts – anything really that would bring me closer to understanding more of the SELF. This, in itself, has made Life quite fascinating – a magical journey of discovery that I would encourage everyone to embark on.

Always searching for the root cause of an emotional or physical problem, I considered many options, until I was introduced to Dr. Eric Pearl (2011). I did not hesitate to attend the seminars in Sydney, Australia. On my return to South Africa, I immediately started offering The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing sessions.

Despite doing sessions on an almost daily basis, every interaction with my client continues to leave me in absolute awe of our ability to commune with GOD / The Universe / Source Energy / The Creator (or whatever label you are most comfortable using). And every session confirms that we are all Divine, that the spark of GOD resides within us – all we need do is allow it to come forth. Albeit sometimes skeptical, clients that have come for sessions, find themselves booking a second or third session.

I am based in Lakeside, Cape Town and most of my clients come to my home-office. Clients living in other Provinces book distant healing sessions or would plan sessions during their holidays to the Cape.

During office hours, I manage an NGO. Healing sessions are strictly by appointment. Available times are: weekdays after 6pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm. And should you be wondering – my youngest client is aged 8yrs and the eldest, to date is aged 79yrs.

Do call me – let’s have an informal chat over a cup of tea. I am sure you have lots of questions and you will be under no obligation to then book a session. Psssssttt – really, I don’t charge “an arm and a leg” for a 30 minute session.

You are alive to give voice, action and physicality to GOD.  To become the grandest version of the greatest vision you hold about Who You Are.