All thoughts and feelings are energy, and energy is vibration.  When you learn to raise your vibration you begin to resonate at a higher frequency and things become possible that just did not seem possible before.  Raising your vibration has the benefit of increasing your awareness and your connection with God/Source/The Universe.

There is no “right or wrong” way – ultimately we need to find the way that works for us.  It’s rather like being at the gym, where every possible means of helping you tone your body is available.  We don’t have to make use of all of them, we simply have to use what is appropriate and most appealing for us.

So, when it comes to energetic clarity, we can use music, purifying our diet, sound bowls, crystal therapy, communing with nature, meditation, dancing – anything really, that lifts your spirit.  The most profound way, however, to elevate ourselves energetically is to go within and acknowledge the stuff that needs love, attention and clearing.  The increase of our vibration happens as a result of doing the inner work.

There’s no getting away from it, really.  The unpleasant, shadowy aspects of ourSelf (and those around us) must be acknowledged with the same degree of compassion (love, in a sense) as we do the beautiful, caring etc. aspects of ourSelf (and those around us).  We need to be able to accept each for who they are.

And then, by all means sing, dance, love, laugh and have a joy of life.  Learn to enjoy the simple things – decide to Live each moment, instead of surviving each moment.