“What I would like you guys to know is that from today it is as if I am seeing life in a different way from what I previously thought.  You are doing what you were born to do and what you have to do.  Thank you.”  Asiphe

“It was not like other workshops – very unique and eye opening.  I am glad I attended.”  Michelle

“OMW, I went from being rather nervous in the workshop to being excited about life and what lies ahead.  Thank you for inviting me.”  Nadia

“It was not what I expected.  I now know that I am responsible for everything – from thought to deed.  It feels empowering.  A bit frightening, but also empowering to know that I am actually in control of my life (or not)”  Khanya

“And I thought meditation was something weird – something that I would not be interested in or even be able to really do”. Thando